E Komo Mai (Welcome)

Coffee cherry is hand selected and picked at just the proper moment, then the beans are extracted and dried quickly to ensure freshness. When it is time, the beans are roasted to order and quickly bagged to retain all the Kona Coffee goodness possible. Soon it is on it’s way to coffee lovers worldwide. We roast 100% Kona Coffee Beans and pack them just for you. To ensure freshness, our foil bags have one-way valves to keep air from entering the bags and spoiling the taste.

Lavarock Farm in Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii, sells 100% pure Kona Coffee and does not blend! The ripest coffee cherry is pulped, dried and roasted just right to bring you some of the best coffee in the world!

Our Pele’s Passion signature coffee has been well received by our peers and won the “People’s Choice” gold medal in the Cream of the Crop competition.

LavaRock Farm
P.O. Box 1002
Captain Cook, HI  96704

Email Link
877-ITS-KONA (877-487-5662)

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