My Coffee

I currently offer only 100% Kona Coffee, specifically Coffea arabica, variety kona typica.

Although my Medium Roast won the Peoples Choice taste award, sometimes customers prefer a darker roast and I am encouraged to offer a Full City Plus roast.

I do not blend coffee with foreign coffee. You get 100% Kona goodness in every bag.

Speaking of bags, the coffee is offered in whole bean in 4oz and up quantities and ground in 2oz and up quantities. The 4oz stand-up pouches have a zip closure because many people buy that coffee size pre-ground.

With the exception of the 2oz bags, all coffee is shipped in a flavor-seal packaged with a one-way valve. This valve allows the carbon dioxide gas to exit the product and limit inbound oxygen which would degrade the coffee. Without the valve, the gasses would puff up the bag and perhaps burst a seam.