Year: 2019


I had two problems with my tractor a while back. A hydraulic line broke which stopped me pretty quickly and while investigating that, found what was causing a ticking sound. Neither repair is cheap. The tractor uses hydraulic fluid to

The Great TV Auction

Decades ago I worked with two Public TV stations. They collected items from local businesses and sold them at auction over the TV station. Dubbed the “Great TV Auction” the funds helped fund the stations activities in addition to pledge

Has It Been A Month?

Has it been a month since my last posting? Yes! There were times where I posted updates daily and sometimes a few entries a day. Those days appear to be long ago and far away. Here is a recent update:

A Long Trip

I needed to have an eye exam for glasses and there is a long wait on this island for that. My HMO (Kaiser), Costco and even Walmart have appointments starting months in the future.   To get a quicker appointment

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Now I Know How Amazon Makes Its Money

I did a quick report and since this date in 2006 I have purchased 285 items for a total paid price of $11,366.95. This includes items I have purchased for other people because they didn’t have an Amazon Prime account

I Guess It Could Be Worse

Normally on Friday nights I go to the beach and meet up with neighbors and friends for a weekly sunset pot luck dinner. I didn’t go tonight. My truck safety inspection is due by the end of the month. Although

Almost Productive

I had a bit of time this morning to address two broken items on the farm. The first was the washing machine which has a water level issue. As water fills the tub, it pushes water into a tube filled

It Is Always One Thing Or Another

It is not just living on a farm that brings work. On a farm you may be always repairing the tractor, mower, fences, roadways, irrigation systems and so on. My farm is no different. However, at the moment I have

No One Is Available To Take Your Call

A nearby farm wanted to streamline their business office. The person in the office steps out on the porch to give a tour, leaving the phone unattended. The phone would ring and they had to make a decision; whether to

High Tech Sweet Potatoes

I started experimenting with my Instant Pot. I got it on sale as a possible companion or replacement for my rice cooker and my pressure cooker. This Instant Pot has wifi which links to my Android app. I can monitor

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