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The Answer My Friend…

The Answer My Friend… was Originally Posted on May 22, 2005 by lavarock There is a popular song which contains the refrain “The answer my friend” and I thought of it when I came up with this blog. Last month

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Rushing Waters

Rushing Waters was Originally Posted on May 19, 2005 by lavarock Speaking of Russin Waters, Reuters is reporting that recently a Russian village lost its lake. Oh it was there when they went to bed at night, but in the

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Transitions was Originally Posted on May 15, 2005 by lavarock The dog I found is back with his owner. It turns out that on one walk he was about 100 feet from his house and a few yards from his

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I’ve got the shakes

I’ve got the shakes was Originally Posted on May 13, 2005 by lavarock Isn’t it interesting how one word in the English language can mean so many different things? Shake(s) A milk shakeTo rattleA fair deal (a fair shake)To extort

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More tails

More tails was Originally Posted on May 12, 2005 by lavarock Perhaps it should be spelled tales? Anyway, the dog is still here, but not for the lack of me trying to return him to his owner. I posted his

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To the Dogs

To the Dogs was Originally Posted on May 10, 2005 by lavarock I was working on my property when I saw two dogs run past. One was dragging a long metal cable, like you would clip around a tree to

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The View

The View was Originally Posted on May 3, 2005 by lavarock There was (or perhaps may still be) a show on TV called “The View” with 3 or 4 famous people sitting around discussing their view on things. With that

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Water, Water Almost Everywhere

Water, Water Almost Everywhere was Originally Posted on May 3, 2005 by lavarock A few days back I asked my next door neighbor about his water supply. He gets his water from the Country via pipes, like many here do.

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