Month: August 2016

The Yelling

I went to Walmart yesterday to swap out a propane tank for a full one. As I pulled in front of the store I put on my emergency blinkers. A woman was pushing a cart next to the curb and

Spouting Off

Since my Costco decided to drop the price of diesel fuel dramatically, I decided to but a couple extra containers and fill them up. The price is almost $2 a gallon cheaper than other stations and thus, I can almost

Making The Rounds

The title would have been a better pun if I had to go to the doctor or hospital (doctors rounds…). Yesterday I did some mowing before the rain started. Then I visited a neighbors farm to return the weed whacker

Wondering What Show I was Watching

Back in 1988 I had a satellite dish; not one of those small ones you have today but a B.U.D. (Big Ugly Dish). I would watch all sorts of feeds that most of the public never saw. This included raw

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