Not Great

I drove O’Lena to her Vet appointment where she got her second ultrasound. This time her bladder was easier to see.

It does look like a tumor there but not blocking things. That is a good thing. However the Vet believes it is growing and will soon block her from urinating. I am to keep her on the meds and if I see blood to increase them.

When I asked the Vet about O’Lenas activity level, which is quite high, she suggested it was due to the reasonably powerful NSAID (pain med) she is on.

When I asked about a time frame the Vet was of course reluctant to be pinned down as we don’t know if the tumor is cancerous, but she estimated 6 months.

You see, that is the problem with pets. They can’t tell us they feel sick, we have to watch for it. The converse is that we can’t tell an animal what is going on. They just live in blissful ignorance. We just ahve to love them even more and hope that they understand.