The Waiting Game

I drove O’Lena to the Vet on Monday, Oct 14th. As I said, this Vet is over an hour 15 minutes away, as they were the only ones who could do an ultrasound quickly. The ultrasound showed perhaps a collapsed bladder and bladder stones. They sent the bloodwork off and I called Thursday for the results.

There were some degenerative cells but no bacteria.

The Vet still suspects a tumor because shes aw a white mass in the ultrasound.

When you have a dog that may have cancer, and is only peeing blood and the Vet tells you that the medicine they have may only prolong her life a few months (if she has a cancerous tumor), you take it seriously, even if hey don’t have all the data in yet. After a few horrible days of caring for her, you pray and you hug and you cry. You do some research to find costs for cremation.

So with O’Lena on an antibiotic and acidifier and now a NASAID, it only took about 3 days and I see no blood in the urine and the flow is like it used to be, strong and no stopping and starting! I understand that I am still not out of the woods yet.

The Vet wants another ultrasound and I was not able to schedule one locally, so it is back up north sometime this coming week. She also said she is hoping for a fuller bladder. Ahhh? Let’s see, more than an hour in the truck with a dog and not letting her out to pee, then stopping at the Vet, taking her out of the truck and trying to get her not to pee… Hmmm. I may have to drive most of the way up there and give her a bit of salted pork or something, giving her a large drink of water and haul-ass off the the Vet office.

So I am cautiously optimistic.

O’Lena is as active as she has been, especially considering she is a Labrador and they love food. She has her appetite and is not showing any symptoms of any illness now.

It may be the sunlight before the storm or the mass the Vet saw may be something else. I hope to know something more this week.