Yesterday I was at a local historic church where I worked with the security cameras. I think I found the issue and they seem (knock on wood) to be behaving today.

Then it was off to Costco to get groceries with my rebate check. I also gassed up the truck for my Thursday trip. I bought some frozen foods, ice cream sticks, salad and some mango juice. Turns out I am not a big fan of mango juice but mangoes are good in the frozen fruit packages.

I went to a neighbors house today and worked on his garage door openers and his gate.  The garage door openers may have aged components that caused the frequency to shift a bit. I don’t have tools to check that and he is ordering a couple of new remotes.

The gate has been a problem for quite some time. There is no one on island (or nearby) that can work on it. There was some relay chatter and the arm was not raising nor lowering when it was supposed to. I may have fixed it with some contact burnishing and a slight readjustment of one contact.

Then tonight I updated a website for a non-profit. They have been updating member information via paper and a spreadsheet and the website was fairly generic. I have added a membership system, added the ability fort them to update their info online and pay for their renewal if they want. There is a calendar which has specific information if they are a member and logged in. It all seems to be working fine today, however yesterday I had an issue which required reloading things from the day before.

It was raining this afternoon so I didn’t get a chance to take everything back out of the truck. I need to take O’Lena back up county to the Vet where she will have another ultrasound. She seems fine, but if she has a tumor, it may be a rally before the decline. She is 9 and 1/2 years old and far too young to have the issues she may have. MY male dog is years older and his issue is common in older large dogs. He has lipomas, which are fatty benign growths. Since they are not effecting his mobility we are leaving them alone. Still, it is disconcerting to see lumps along his frame. Both dogs sleep a lot, but then again, sop do I. This may be because they seem to want to go in and out multiple times over night.