Somewhat slow so far today and far from exciting


The dogs got me up at 6am (there has to be some noise or car horn they hear because it is always about that time). After a short walk up the farm, I fed them and started on a few projects.

I set up a new mail service for some neighbors. I am waiting for the MX record pointers to propagate around the Internet, but in the meantime they cans still get email at the old location.

I answered a few Facebook posts and decided to adjust the security certificate on a website I have explaining Internet Telephony (https://voip.planet-aloha.com).

I participated in the two hour radio show from Riviera.FM where we vote on the older songs they pay, if released today, would they be a hit or miss? During the show I made breakfast.

After the show I decided to make chicken noodle soup in the InstantPot, using spaghetti instead of noodles and also using some rotisserie chicken from Costco.

It is now only 10 AM.

I have to finish mowing the coffee area of the farm. Soon I’ll be pruning the trees, but not today.

I need to trim nails on both dogs and bathe them.

By then it will be noon and time for lunch!

Sometime this afternoon I need to figure out what I will  be taking to the neighborhood pot luck tonght.

2 Comments on “2/21/2020

  1. If you bring bowls and spoons 🙂 We eat at a picnic table and people generally bring paper plates.