Aloha ‘Lil Pup’

Aloha ‘Lil Pup’ was Originally Posted on July 14, 2011 by

Aloha means “Hello”. Many months ago I delivered a litter of Labrador puppies from Bonnie (who happens to be my dog Koa’s mother). The litter was eventually sold, except for one little girl who was recovering from a minor illness. She was held back and the longer she stayed, the more she endeared herself on everyone who met her.

This black puppy was very laid back, got along with all the other dogs and loved to lick everyone. When I would drive in, she would plant herself on the top of the hill until I stopped the car, then would run down to greet me. She would also wait up top to see if other people were coming, just in case they needed a kiss.

Her coat was very soft and shiny, I’m sure owing to her raw food diet. She also was known to sneak up and help other dogs eat their dinner!

I would have taken her home with me, but I have two grown dogs already.

Usually puppies don’t get names at the kennels because it is too easy to get attached to them before they leave. This pup stayed long enough and was named “Roxy”. I called her “Little Pup” and she would answer to either name. She loved to come when called, or when she thought you had food for her, or food for some other dog, or someone might play with her or well, she would just come. What more can I say!

Aloha also means “goodbye”

Today will be confusing for her though. She will probably get a bath in the morning, then a quick toweling off. She will be placed in a shipping crate and for the first time since she was born, be away from all other dogs. I am sure that during her ride to the airport she will give a “puppy howl”, which if you never have heard it, is enough to make you think the poor pup is being tortured. She will be dropped off at Hawaiian Air Cargo and then be left alone in the crate for an hour or so before her flight. After all these 12 weeks or more she has seen the same 3 or 4 people, regardless of who else has been around. There will be nobody familiar to tell her what is happening, where her friends have gone and so on.

The flight to the neighbor island is a short one. There she will be picked up at the cargo area and fawned over. She’ll be taken for another car ride and soon will be able to scout out her new home. Dogs don’t understand everything humans do, but this dog will certainly understand the love her new master gives her. Her new master lost her other a while back and Roxy will be a surprise birthday gift.

Although we will miss her a great deal, she will make a loving and faithful companion. I can also attest that Roxy has enough kisses, which will never run out.

With sadness I say so long “Little Pup”, you will be missed here where you were born. It is time to wait at the top of a different driveway for your master and friends to come home.

Aloha also means “love” and Roxy has enough for everybody!