Coffee Roasted and Waiting

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I have spent the past couple of days on my irrigation trench. Yesterday, a friend helped me removed the rocks and today I extended the drainage line. This line allows me to remove debris from the water line, if necessary. When the pipe was laid in the trench, they cut the line a bit shorter than I would have. I was not here that day or I could have told them. Anyway, this line was sitting in the trench with a valve on the end, but in order to drain the line, I would have to dig up the line. Now I have extended it and the valve will lay on top of the ground once the trench is filled in.

Today, Rusty started bringing in material to fill the trench. He and his crew will start filling in the trench in the morning. I also will have one other small trench dug so that one other pipe can be buried.

A neighbor asked me to look at her old computer, as it would not boot. The problem was pretty easy to find, and it took all of 5 minutes. The system has 1 memory card and it was in the wrong slot. I dunno how, but she thinks her son may have done it. It looks like they did a backup to DVD and them shut down the system. I saw some popup ad software and I’m sure their system was very slow. Perhaps they bought the new computer, the son tried to add more memory from the old system and it was not the same type. Then he may have put the memory back in the computer in the wrong slot. That is my guess. There is yet another system she wants me to look at, but it will be a day or so before I can get to that one.

Recently, I had coffee roasted for a Halloween special I am running on my website. I am offering 10.31% off roasted coffee beans (not ground). I have a small grinder but prefer not to use it for customer orders. On occasion I have coffee roasted and ground and offer that on the website, but when you grind your own coffee it can be a bit fresher.

Speaking of the website special at http://ItsKona.Com, the woman who roasted my coffee roasted all I gave her. I was hoping she would hold off a bit, but y message missed her. Thus, I have LOTS of freshly roasted coffee at the moment and would love to have it enjoyed while it is fresh. So please consider stopping by my website and take a look. I know you will be happy with any purchase. Make sure that y use the checkout coupon HALLOWEN in step 2 and that it reduces your price.

Next year I will begin to have a lot of coffee to sell and will start going to farmers markets here and selling in stores. I will need to pay pickers and buy lots more fertilizer, etc. The cost of the coffee, which has pretty much remained the same for 4 years, will have to be increased!

Speaking on coffee prices, the Kona Coffee Farmers Association (which I helped form), performed a investigation of coffee prices around the islands. The prices ranged from $31.95 to $78.00 PER POUND! Granted, the higher prices are for Peaberry, and any of the prices were captured at the airport or resorts. Still, you get 100% Kona Coffee from me at less than $22 a pound!

Those of you who have never tried 100% Kona coffee, it is mild and smooth and unlike the coffee you drank all your life (unless you grew up here). In my other job I often had a chance to have people try Kona coffee for the first time. Many said they don’t like coffee because it is bitter and has an after taste. They tried my coffee (without cream and sugar) and most ended up buying a bag and going back to drinking coffee. That is a great testimony. I have a couple comments on the website from customers:

KH: Best coffee in the world!! I was not a coffee drinker although I have tried many different varieties. I bought Pele’s Passion for my husband last Christmas and tried it myself…and love it!! Shipping to Texas was unbelievably fast, and Mark is a sincerely nice person with excellent customer service! Thanks so much – I will be back again and again!

HM: This is by far the best coffee in the world. I have choked down many cups of store bought coffee just to stay awake for a long drive, and even gone to starbucks to get the 400 calorie cups of whatever it is they put in there with espresso to make it taste good, and now that we visited Hawaii and got turned on to Kona I will never again do anything but thoroughly enjoy every last drop of my coffee. If I go out to breakfast I take my own Pele’s Passion with me in a travel mug because I won’t drink anything else. We toured around the entire big island trying coffee from every regional Kona farm we could find (all of them better than any coffee I had ever had in my life) and Pele’s Passion was leaps and bounds above even the best Kona coffees. Buy with confidence that you will soon be enjoying the best coffee of your life!

BW: My husband was strictly a “Maxwell’s House” coffee drinker for many, many, MANY years until I introduced him to Pele’s Passion! He now begs me to find him Kona coffee. Of course his taste buds have been forever spoiled by Pele’s Passion. Though he will drink other “premium” coffees, it is Pele’s Passion he longs for!

So there you have it :-)