High Tech Sweet Potatoes

I started experimenting with my Instant Pot. I got it on sale as a possible companion or replacement for my rice cooker and my pressure cooker.

This Instant Pot has wifi which links to my Android app. I can monitor my cooking and get notifications as the process continues.

The dietician said sweet potatoes were good for me. So a COSTCO trip netted me a 10 pound bag!

I took 2 potatoes, washed them, put the trivet in the pot and added a bit of water (enough but not so much to touch the potatoes).

I set it for steam and 18 minutes.

When it was done I let the thing cool without releasing steam.

Both potatoes were cooked and after a bit of butter and salt, disappeared quickly. I can imagine the rest of the sweet potatoes will disappear quickly. Their skin was more like boiled potatoes and not crunchy like baked, but think of all the electric I saved not using the oven.

The only things I will do differently next time is to remove the little nub where the stem grew. Also I need to lift the trivet to get the potatoes out. The potatoes were so soft they kinda fell apart trying to remove them with a fork.