Moving Things

This weekend two moving events are happening; one locally and one far, far away.

The Internet Radio Station ‘Riviera.FM’ in Torquay England is moving their studio equipment in preparation of becoming an over-the-air station. As expected they have their automation equipment playing the music instead of live presenters. That means much more music. You should note that some of the presenters are probably all there hauling stuff around.

I listen to them often and participate in a few of the shows. I also am their furthest listener!

The other move is closer to home. I was asked by a local limo company to help them this weekend. They have a place in an industrial area where they store the limos and have a small dispatch office. They wanted to move out all the office equipment, security camera box, computers, router, modem, phones and so on to make room for new flooring and to paint the room.

Did I mention that they still need to be working (dispatching and answering phones) while this is all going on?

I came in early and had dinner. At about 4:15pm I started. I’ll spare you the details but I was able to completely move the dispatcher to a new location and have her back working within 2 hours! The only drawback was that I thought I had her phone working 15 minutes after moving her, but it was more like 30 minutes when I discovered I had a wire in the wrong place. Still, that was pretty fast to move a complete couple of computers while keeping the business running.

Beginning about 7am this morning the guy is expected to be painting the walls and ceiling, then installing the new flooring. I am to go back in the late afternoon when he is done to put all the equipment back. I will be a bit more deliberate with that task as I want to try to make the wiring look a lot nicer than it was before I started.