Now I Know How Amazon Makes Its Money

I did a quick report and since this date in 2006 I have purchased 285 items for a total paid price of $11,366.95. This includes items I have purchased for other people because they didn’t have an Amazon Prime account of their own. Still, over 11 thousand dollars!
The most expensive item was some dog crates used to ship dogs via airplanes. I bought 10 of them at just over $63 each and they came by FedEx.
On the opposite side, I bought (if bought is the correct term) a number of free books for my Kindle.
I downloaded the file from Amazon and loaded the .csv file into Excel so I could sort it and do some totals. Besides sorting by obvious categories such as purchase date or amount of order, I also sorted and looks at who I shipped the items to.
If I wanted, I could also compare list price and what I paid, or to just see what tax I paid on items.
They say that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. When I see data, everything looks like data needing analyzing!