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I was walking down a row of fruit trees and found a couple of tangerines ripening and decided to try one. In reality, that orange colored skin is deceiving. THAT IS A CALAMONDIN LIME! (where is my miracle fruit when I need it)

Although the fruit was not quite ripe, it was showing an orange color, thus my confusion. The lime is a cross between fruit from the mandarin orange group and the kumquat group of trees.

From what I read, the inside is quite sour however the rind is sweetish and can be made into a marmalade. Also, in its unripened form, it is used medically “as a hair conditioner, body deodorant, ink stain remover on fabrics, for treating insect bites, for curing skin problems like acne, as a cough remedy” and other uses according to Wikipedia.

Also, the juice, when rubbed on insect bites, will relieve the itching and reduce the irritation. It has also found as a natural acne medicine.

The fruit is high in vitamin C and the plant can fruit when planted in a pot or container.

The Calamondin Lime is another of the varieties of citrus here on the farm.