Shopping Deals and a Lament

Unfortunately I missed the boat. Here is why.

I am cheap. When I lived in Georgia back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s I often shopped Big Lots (the discount store). If I saw a deal I bought it and hoped that it was not a mistake. It rarely was a mistake. Whether tools or ornaments or just stuff, I loved bargains.

I used to wear cologne when I was in close quarters in an office. Yes, sometimes a tie but oh, those casual Fridays were the best. Anyway I would buy cologne like Preferred Stock. I still have a bottle I just found in storage and opened it. Great stuff and the sale price was $5.99 for 2.5 oz.

I wondered if it was still made and did a quick internet search (Ebay and Amazon, etc). Now I am sorry I opened it up. The going price is $38 to $60.

It reminds me of the other issue I had when I moved from the mainland. I had inherited my Grandmothers settee which was about 80 years old. I took it to many antique dealers and none of them would offer me more than a few hundred dollars. It appears that young adults today do not want antiques that we thought would only keep increasing in value. In fact, there are people buying NFT items, and things like bitcoin which really are questionable as an investment.

Then again, when I was young, service stations offered air for free, we had water fountains with free water and dirt was dirt cheap (not like some of the designer ones today). TV was free and you had to go downtown to see the latest movies.

We tend to call it progress but sometimes I wonder.