The New Year

2022 is almost upon us and I too will be happy to exit 2021 rapidly. There are a number of changes happening with me and around me.

First, I have a farm management group who will be taking over my property maintenance. Although I cleared the land and planted both coffee and fruit, it has been difficult for me to manage my farm and many other things simultaneously. This group will manage the farm, soup to nuts as they say; planting where needed, pruning, fertilizing, spraying, picking and so on. In return they will take the crop in exchange. I still will have input and be doing some work, however most everything will be done for me. I can still get coffee to sell but the majority of it will be sold under their name.

The same process will be happening at a neighbors farm I have been working with, although their deal is slightly different.

I have already scheduled my first Required Minimum Distribution from my retirement plan. My fingers are crossed that I will be taking these RMD’s for quite some time 🙂

I took advantage of our ATM-like vehicle renewal machine and got my stickers within 4 minutes of approaching the machine. You scan the registration renewal form, answer a couple simple questions like does their description of the vehicle and license number match, then insert your credit card and the sticker and registration form drop into the slot.

I have a drivers license that qualified for but did not receive the star now in use to show that the license is REAL ID compliant. I had submitted all the documents but the state did not start printing the stars until 2 months later. I believe that I can just ask for a replacement license instead of showing up in person. My passport expired so I may have to take all the documents again if I need to show up in person. I also need a new passport and passport photo. Luckily the requirement to have a valid REAL ID for flights has been extended at least another year, so I guess there is no big rush. I remember when flying between the islands required a photo ID. I had forgotten my license but my Costco credit card sufficed since it had a photo on the back and Costco was pretty diligent in who got memberships.

I have another X-ray and an orthopedic appointment soon, but the fracture of the bone in my foot is much better.

I will be volunteering a few days this month at the Painted Church as a guide.

I will be doing more personal projects now that the farm is less of an issue and those have been backing up. I have already moved a side panel from an old canopy garage to the one where I store things. Its side panel was damaged. Also during the massive wind storm we had recently, one 40 by 40 canopy was somewhat damaged and I need to replace some of the poles and put it back up (with concrete blocks to hold it down). I also ant to move my tools out from the other canopy and make are area I can work from.

It look like finally I can get time and help to install the rest of my solar panels. If I can cut down a couple of trees, they would fit easily where the old canopy is neat to the house. It will make a nice shade for my dog. Although I didn’t create a post here specifically, I had to put my chocolate Labrador Koa down in November. He was in such pain and discomfort and the medicine, although it helped, was not enough to keep him comfortable.