The New Year

The New Year started off quietly. I kept the dogs in the bedroom with the air conditioner on and some music playing. This calms them when people are shooting off fireworks.

Olena is on meds for the tumor in her bladder. She is still quite active and perhaps the tumor is not growing rapidly. I may have another ultrasound done later to see. I have my fingers crossed as she is only 10 years old and this prognosis was that perhaps she had 6 months.

Koa is showing a bit of difficulty at times standing. I assume it is the onset of either arthritis or hip dysplasia.

I was finally able to get my coffee roasted and will offer via the website the limited supply I have. It is literally less than 100 pounds compared to the many hundreds I have had in the past. It will take a couple years to get back into full production.

I need to have the outside stairs replaced and I am thinking of fixing the room downstairs so that I can move a worker in. I would prefer a separate building on the property but the cost for that is more than I can handle at the moment. It would be less desirable due to needing some type of shower and bathroom, thus having the room at the house fixed solves those problems. It just makes the house a bit less private.

I finally was able to get the airbags replaced in the truck from the recent recalls.

I am also helping my High School class of 1970 with their 50th class reunion website. My class (1969) had the record for most attendees for their 50th reunion. So far it looks like we may still hold that title unless this next class increases their game.