What’s The Deal?

So what’s the deal with the weather? This is Hawaii’s 3rd of 4th (I’ve lost count) hurricane in the past few months. A couple of days before the 1st one, the volcano stopped flowing and the majority of earthquakes stopped. This tells me that the hurricane didn’t affect the volcano. The volcanoes here CAN affect hurricanes though, changing their direction and force. They can even stop a hurricane in its tracks.

The last hurricane (Lane) came to our south, then turned northeast and passed my island. Because of its track and location the east side of the island had something like 50 inches of rain. Mt farm got 6/10’s of an inch! Our wind gusts were 6 mph!

This current hurricane (Olivia) is schedule to touch the top of the island and perhaps come southwest and case me issues this time. I should know mid-week but in the meantime, I’ll prepare just in case.

Yes, my hurricane insurance is paid up! It is replacement value by the way.

I have been testing my new solar panels and will create a blog entry just about them. They seem to be a very good deal and came with the best option for me I think.

Many decades ago I signed my Mom up for frequent flier miles with Delta. Mom passed away last year and I wanted to use here remaining miles before Delta realized she died and closed the account. There were not quite enough miles to make a mainland trip last May so I used my own miles. When I recently looked for deal to the mainland, I found a real deal almost 9 months out AND to the town I need to go to, so no long rives from a cheap airport far away! It is unusual for me to find a deal this far out.

I also got a deal on a set of wired/wireless noise-cancelling headphones. I have an old set that I use often and when traveling, but they are getting old and the foam on the headband (along with many other products) have a tendency to fall apart due to our weather here.

I love Uni-ball .5mm pens and recently found a box of 36 on another deal.

I love deals and search them out to save money.


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