You Bet Your Ass It’s My Heart

A few weeks ago I had a colonoscopy. Here in Hawaii if you are with Kaiser HMO it is an interesting procedure. Kaiser buys you and a companion a plane ticket to Oahu (another island) where they have their top notch medical facilities. It is like you are a FedEx package. On the mainland FedEx routes all packages to a central sorting facility and then out to whatever location the package is destined. That way they do all the sorting in one location. Kaiser concentrates their expensive equipment and items on Oahu. Lately it makes even more sense since inter island flights are something like $39 each way and that goes a long way towards not having to put expensive diagnostic equipment or specialists all over the islands.

So the short version is that I had no polyps or other issues, however they did detect a slight heart murmur. You might remember that I have had a quadruple bypass operation many years ago. So yesterday I headed to my local Kaiser Clinic for a electrocardiogram. My images have been evaluated by a specialist and automatically released to my account. I looked them over and based upon a few Google searches, it looks as though I am fin e. HOWEVER, I expect my Primary to call or email me with her perspective based upon my medical history. Still, they did not call for an ambulance yet, so fingers crossed.

UPDATE on 10/06/22:

Yes, We Have No Bananas…

I received word that yes, I read the initial data correctly, nothing significant was found in the images. Just a slightly leaky valve, which is common in old age.