A Wandering Rant

Democrats didn’t understand why people voted for Trump.
Well, Trump was a business man (probably not a great one), but it was thought it better to have a person who understood business and making money, rather than lawyers with reckless abandon and giving it away. Yes, we knew he was egotistical. Who else wanted their name plastered on every building they could and yes, there probably is a legal battle to rename the White House before he finally leaves.
We are scared the Democrats will limit our freedoms. Biden has already pushed for things like that. He wants to eliminate the ability to buy guns, ammunition and parts from the Internet. Why? Guns kill people. Wait, actually very few guns have done that, it is the person behind the gun. So, he wants to limit who can buy guns and how. But those people are the ones who have to tell someone who they are and where they live and supply a credit card for online sales. Criminals don’t. So why is there a push to limit known people from buying guns, but no push to find the criminals in the big cities who trade in them every day. Who could stop them when the Mayors de-fund the police who could actually help? You will notice that newspapers don’t list the political persuasion of the criminals, but they come from the big cities which vote Democratic.
The press. They seem to harp on every thing Trump did or didn’t do. NPR news is mostly reporting how bad Trump is (the we hate Trump report) or the virus. No other news seems fit to report. Even with the virus reports and so on, they tell you how bad the U.S. is but don’t report that other countries have already started their second lock down. They seem to forget that we are a cog in the wheel of the planet and that we are not an island.
Free money. If you think about the Democratic ideas, really think about them, they are crazy. The Party of the People they are not, or are they. They say that everyone is equal. Of course that is more Socialist than not. We are NOT equal and they don’t want to treat us that way. Some of us worked hard for our money, some of us didn’t. They play Robin Hood. They tell you that having or making money is BAD. They take it from people producing it and give it to people who don’t. The video of the woman on welfare who had a ‘boatload’ of kids and no father there. When they finally shut her free money spigot off she hollered “Who will pay for my children?” Hint: perhaps the baby-makers? If you can’t afford them, don’t have them. It seems as though it was a money-maker for her before the money dried up.
Speaking of money. why should we pay off peoples student loans? It should not even be a consideration. why? It is unfair, but the Democrats don’t care about fairness. Let’s think about it. Why did these people take out student loans? To pay for schooling they could not afford. Many who have massive loans could not find jobs even before the pandemic. Perhaps they did not choose their future and the need for their profession. I don’t hear many people in the computer and electronics field not able to find work. Language and the arts, not so much. It is pretty bad when you strive to be a professional musician and some guy on Youtube with a comb and tissue can make more money. I understand that we need professions, but wait, there is more! So the talk is to forgive part of all of everyone with a student loan. From $10,000 and talk is more. That completely ignores a large group of people. People who waked their way to pay for college with no loan. Why are they excluded when they paid and others went along for the ride? What about the people who WISELY chose to keep costs down, went to a state college for a few years before getting into the name-brand institution and paying massive tuition?
Again, Democrats don’t want to look at the root cause of an issue. Why are these loans taken out? Why is the school so expensive. A few years ago those books averages $450 each! That may be $1500 a year for textbooks. Have the schools not heard of Amazon (which started out selling just books?) Up to 62% of students reported that they didn’t buy a textbook because of cost. The schools can blame this solely on the publishers. My neighbor authored 3 large books of fiction, paid to have them listed on Amazon and sells less copies than any textbook. Still the retail price of each book, including his profit is $15 each. So where does the other $435 go? Some may go to the author (perhaps the teacher or Professor, I don’t know). You would think that in today’s world the schools could rely upon all those computer people who have jobs to post the book online?
What are the salaries? Why have tenure and pay a professor so much and guarantee a job, if no one can afford to attend. They have created and enforce the elite and the separation of class structures. Yes, they *could* have many of these classes online, but then who would pay for the glorious building and wide open spaces?
My physics instructor used to lament that the big schools had the Faculty parking lot close to the classroom, but made the students (who were paying to attend) park way the hell over somewhere else and walk a long way to class. Then again, he also said rather than have a pristine campus with meticulously laid out campus, plant grass everywhere then put in sidewalks where the most trampled grass is, because that is how people are getting from one place to another rather than how someone thought it would look nice but not be functional.
So enough about schools. Back to the idea of student loans. So SOME people have a loan and will get money and others won’t. Why just pay off student loans for people who over-extended themselves? You might say because they are trying to make something of themselves and striving for a better life. I have a neighbor who strives for a better life for himself and his family. He lives in a shack. So suppose he buys a $250,000 mansion and gets a mortgage with the hopes that he will have a better job and be able to pay off that loan. But he can’t. What makes him different from the student? Why not pay part of HIS mortgage, or the other neighbor who bought an electric car to help the environment and the public at large? Why does HE have to pay his way? You see, it too doesn’t make sense nor make things and people equal.
You see, I was brought up in a different world. A world where I worked for what I had. Although my parents paid for much of my high school, I had a scholarship. When we could not afford for me to attend one yer, I had to go elsewhere. I paid a lot of my own college costs by working at jobs. My parents put the down payment on my used car and I made the payments and paid the insurance; not always on time mind you. There were times when I lived in a trailer and had a box of macaroni and cheese. I made the macaroni for lunch and snacked on the dry powdered cheese for dinner. With my car I would drive a couple of miles and pick up food for they guys in the dorm playing cards and they let me keep the change. That change paid for MY dinner and the gas (thanks agin!). I was not against having friends who lived nearby campus and might be invited for meals (you know who you are, thanks!). I also worked many jobs, always extending myself to learn more and keep paying the bills. I stopped balancing my checkbook in college when I kept spending all I knew I had in the bank. I was able to save money because I was afraid I would bounce a check not knowing my balance. I existed and thrived (and never once ate detergent pods).
The press. I don’t know if I can call them the press because most written news no longer exists. It is easier to change what you post when it is all online (read the book 1984). We don’t have newsmen/newswomen, we have commentators. The difference is that we don’t hear NEWS anymore, we hear personal comments of items. Questions are phrased to get a response the way the ‘reporter’ wants the story to reflect. Reporter is a misnomer because few of them REPORT the news, they comment on it. I often tell the the story of the constant video I saw of people entering a supermarket in Alaska during a blizzard. They all said it was bad out there but not as bad as last year. The item that made the national news that night was the guy who said it was the worst storm he had ever seen. He had just moved there from the lower 48, but they failed to mention that fact. So the news report the nation saw was that Alaska was the worst this guy up there had ever seen. So you see, these organizations can adjust your impression of the world to suit their own needs. They can create panic buying if they want, they can slant the news. They can create the need to “fact check” because they aren’t really looking at reported NEWS. My favorite items is CNN. There will be a massive news item just occurring. They will break into whatever they are talking about and tell you “We don’t want to speculate…” which is inevitably followed by the word “BUT” and then followed by hours or days of speculation.
I know there will be many people who will disagree with what I have written. Keep in mind that I do not report NEWS buy my opinion.