A Window On The World

I had a broken drivers side power window. I removed the switch so I would not accidentally operate it, because the glass came off the track.
Inside the switch there is a small piece of plastic and a spring. They got misplaced months ago and are not sold by themselves. I found a few replacement units containing all 6 switches, but none specifically for my vehicle.
Yesterday I decided to remove the switch parts for the rear drivers side window and fix the window so I can open it again. This is critical because, well, picking up meds for the dogs or drive-in food pickup required me to open the door, rather than lower it, plus air is a nice thing since the A/C is not working.
So I opened the drivers door, glued the glass to the lifter and moved the switch parts from the back to front on the unit. Since the glue needs a few hours to set, I went about mowing part of the farm and doing other things.
Upon returning to the truck I found another problem. It seems that I left the ignition switch on and the battery was dead. Neither of my two hand-held battery jumpers would start this. So I strung the extension cord and hooked up the battery charger. As time progressed it looked more like rain so I disconnected it and jump-started the truck from the tractor.
So this mornings task is to put the door back together and hope there are no other issues