Almost Productive

I had a bit of time this morning to address two broken items on the farm.

The first was the washing machine which has a water level issue. As water fills the tub, it pushes water into a tube filled with air. That air compresses and presses upon a rubber diaphragm which triggers a switch. That switch tells the washer to stop filling the tank and begin agitation. There are two failures which can happen with this system. One is that the tub will keep filling and overflow, never shutting off. The second is that the water can stop, such as mine did and never start agitation. I disassembled the unit, checked the contacts and oiled the seal. It seems to be working but I have a new unit on the way (Ebay) for a delivered price of less than $10. I will also find a replacement plastic tube just in case.

Then, having had mostly success with the washer, I headed to the truck. Recently the window came off the track. I had checked a video online and armed with that info, took the door apart. The window glass had popped off the track and I readjusted it and it is working for now. A better solution will be to replace the adhesive that attaches to the glass. I will consider that because after putting it all together, I found one part left over! It is a plastic ring with some foam that keeps the speaker in the door from rattling. If it rattles, the door will come back apart sooner than later.

Still, almost two for two and total repair times only about an hour or two.