It Is Always One Thing Or Another

It is not just living on a farm that brings work. On a farm you may be always repairing the tractor, mower, fences, roadways, irrigation systems and so on. My farm is no different. However, at the moment I have outside stairs that need replacing before they totally fall apart.

Then there is the washing machine. The other day I started a medium-sized load but when I came back, it had stopped mid-cycle. I have done some testing and found that the problem seems related to the water level control. The timer switch also has given me problems in the past and has already been replaced perhaps 7 or more years ago. I seem to remember buying this washer however the previous one was a giveaway I found.

Then there is the truck. A couple nights ago I pressed the switch to roll down the drivers side window and it jerked and fall at a slight angle, obviously off its track. There may be a broken part which needs replacing. I think the inside panel is held on with some screws and if so, it may be somewhat easy to remove. Older vehicles with hand cranks took more effort. Also they may still use a heacy paper glued to things to keep parts in and dirt and moisture out. Time will tell.

All of these projects will have to wait a while as I am gathering paperwork for taxes.