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I just bought a front and rear basket for the ATV and will use them to carry tools and so on while I ride around the orchard.

On Ebay people used to try to cheat paying fees by pricing their products oddly. Because Ebay took a percentage of the product sales price and not a part of the shipping cost, people would list a product for sale at $20 with $50 shipping. Ebay appears to have changed that policy to now include the total price.

Still, on the item I bought today, the price ended up being $41 with $50 shipping for a total of #91. In this case, the shipping is probably priced right, at least for shipping here to Hawaii. The funny things is, it ships by UPS GROUND!

When I was moving here I used the Postal Service to ship most everything. It cost me $1500 or so and I seperately packaged video tapes and books so they could be sent via the cheaper option of media Mail.

Out here it is not unusual to see people move via the post office, or to carry a large ice chest on a plane.