Facebook Changes Bite The Big One

A month ago, Facebook forced a change upon my Desktop account, supposedly in the name of progress. All of my navigation moved to the left side of the screen and caused me a lot of issues. I have spent over 6 hours so far trying every option to undo this, searching Google for information and writing comments to Facebook staff. It appears that this will be a permanent change for everyone in September.

You see, Facebook is in control. It doesn’t matter what the public wants if it makes more ad space or increases readership. There are articles about Facebook losing readers and I believe this change will help that along.

As an I.T. professional, I did my best to NOT force change upon people, especially unsuspecting people, without a way for them to undo recent changes or tests. Facebook just doesn’t care. The proof is that they forced the change with no prior notice and then make no way to even temporarily change back.

Thus, I am downloading all my content and will be deleting my account. I am working with co-owners of a group or two to take over those pages.

Of course Facebook won’t care that *I* am deleting my account, but it is the principle of the thing. If you don’t care what your users think, then why should your users care what you think.

I deleted my cellphone app and soon will be leaving the desktop app. If you want to contact me, use email.

As made popular in The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy… Facebook: So Long and Thanks For All The Fish!