It’s Been A While

It has been a while since my last posting. I used t opost sometimes twice a day and now it is so rare that I forget to.

Recently a farm I work with (Heavenly Hawaiian) had a stock offering through Start Engine and raised quite a bit of money. That money will be used to upgrade their facilities and enhance their farm tours and products. They also will start managing a number of local farms in exchange for the coffee on them. It can be a win-win proposition. In my case, they will manage my farm and one other nearby (more in a bit about that).

So I worked with a friend and he bought a farm out here. Unfortunately he has been unable to do much with it due to mainland issues. I am poised to take it over. That means that I would have two farms to control and even less time. Thus it makes sense to have a ‘farm management company’ take over the day to day operations. You have to remember that I am in my 70’s and although in reasonalably good health, that could change at any time. Yes, I still get on the tractor and mow, and I weed whack some but I am staring to get back and hip pain. I have not worked the farm coffee crop in a while and during COVID we had no real way to get workers and so on. That has changed and I want to get the farm into full production again.

On occassion I help out at the Painted Church here in Honaunau. It’s an active Roman Catholic Church which was painted by hand by a priest in a few short years. We get regular tourists and then busses of people from the cruise ships. I often ask people where they are from and there are times when it is quite surprising. Last week there were 3 people from the Atlanta Area where I used to live. Actually at least one lived within 3 blocks of where my house was. The next day a visitor was from a New Jersey town where I used to spend my summers ‘down the shore’ as we called it.

I had a hankering for a bit of east coast fare so I ordered Taylor Pork Roll from the New Jersey location. It took two days to ship via FedEx and came in a chilled box. We will be still eating it for many more days. I actully ordered 6 pounds of it and probably could have gone with half that amount. I will be giving samples to some friends out here. Perhaps if enough people want it we can get it shipped in more often. It is a bit salty and probably not all that good for me, but hey, if you have EVER had it, you know that we can overlook those issues!