I have been managing a farm for a frind for years now. He has decided that it is too much for him and will not be moving permanently out here. That was always a difficult decision, however it will make hios life a bit less hectic and he will worry less.

I thought long and hard over taking it over. There is a local farm who has agreed to manage it and my own farm if I want. For about 23 years I have been farming and selling coffee and I am a bit tired myself. Still, the world needs coffee don’t they?

I hve been working with some coffee farmers on the island all this time. One farm, Heavenly Hawaiian, just issued a stock investment through Start Engine. You send out your own information to prospective customes, however if you can get 100 new investors in the first 3 days, Start Engine will send your investment info to their 1 million subscribers. Rather than 3 days, Heavenly Hawaiian got 100 investors before the dirst day was over! I invested a bit in them as I know the company quite well.