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I did some fertilizing of the fruit trees today, between the rain a few days ago and the possibility of rain tomorrow and beyond. While walking the rows I noticed that the White Kadota fig left on the tree was very ripe. One side was brown and almost rotten, the other side not. There was no insect or bird damage so I took a taste and it was fantastic! I have tried some other figs here and some were quite bland and not sweet. Not so with this one. I think I will have lots of nice fruit soon and the

I received a Google email-alert about dogs and ended up joining a pet forum. It seems a lot like facebook (or other similar service) in that you have friends and photos and links and so on. Within an hour of joining and posting my 2 dogs photos, I had 2 friend requests and someone tossed my girl dog a cookie!

I’m not sure if people theree will like me and here is why. One of the topics in the forum was titled “What do you feed your dog”, meant to elicit, I’m sure, specific types of pre-packaged dog foods. However, I jumped right in and stood on my soapbox and talked about why raw food is better for dogs, etc. It will be interesting to see if a Vet comes in and disagrees to what I wrote.

I went to a friends house and demo-ed a piece of equipment to share a disk drive on her network. I also helped a little to fix a webpage she had probelms with.

Then it was up to COSTCO where I was going to buy some cheese. The particular brand I wanted (and it is excellent) was about $10 to $15 a pound, so I opted to not invest :-) While there I passed the coffee aisle and found a couple reading a coffee package. I chatted with them about coffee and the island until they had to leave. I have that way with people – making them remember that they need to be elsewhere!

I stopped by Walmart for a few items and then headed down for a snack at Jack In The Box. They have an “American Combo” that is pretty good for the money. My local franchise asks if you want Medium or Large, forgetting to mention that the price on the poster actually is a “Small”. I guess it is creative upselling.

Then it was off to Safeway for some groceries. I parked the car and got out. A young guy walked past me and entered the passengers side door of the car next to me. As he opened the door he said something like “Hey Bro” a typical greeting. I realized that I did not have my phone with me and went back to reopen my drivers door. As I did that I noticed the guy who had just entered the car and was sitting down, had a baggie on his lap with perhaps grass or pills in it. As I was closing my door and walking off, the guy watched me. As I got to the front of the store, there was police car with the officer filling out some type of paperwork. He was oblivious to the transaction taking place just a couple of rows away. I decided not to talk with him as I would have been in plain view of the other car parked next to my own vehicle. I will leave crime fighting up to a costumed expert this night.

I got home late and tried to watch last nights episode of “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS.COM. Near the end it stopped abruptly. I also had issues with the ending of CSI. It *may* be the new Beta version of Firefox I’m using but didn’t have time to test things.

I have the Facebook app enable don my cellphone but have found that I am getting way too many updates from people. I have decided to block or (unfriend) messages from people constantly sending political messages (from any party) and also I need to stop getting the “every 10 minute” updates I have been receiving. Quite a while back I ignored Mafia Wars and Farmville requests as I realized they would take time away from leaisure time :-) Sorry people but I have a life.