Near New Years

I have already been to two Christmas parties and there is a New Years Day party to go.

I took the dogs for a walk this morning and didn’t use the training collars. While they went to the spot they like, I looked at a news item on my cellphone. I swear I did not look away for more than a minute or two but when I looked up, the dogs were gone. I whistled quietly and called them but they did not come. It was not yet 7am so I try not to make too much noise as sound carries far in rural Hawaii.

I drove up and back and they did not come when they heard the truck, which they usually do. I decided it was late enough to run the noisy ATV but it had a flat tire. I filled it but it went flat again. Sigh!


Finally O’Lena came back and had a bone in her mouth. I don’t know if there is a dead animal nearby or she found a neighbors dogs bone, but I took it from here and put her in the fenced run. Koa came back perhaps 15 minutes later. Both dogs are on my naughty list.

I went to town this evening and shopped for some food and soda. I also purchased a few more parts for my pending solar panel installation.

I have some news that will deserve a new posting.