We Created A Land

We have created a land of people who feel entitled. Keep in mind that because they FEEL it is so, don’t always make it so.

They feel that just because something offends them, that thing is wrong.

They feel that just because they don’t understand the historical importance of an item, that no one else does and it should be removed. We don’t keep some things as a monument to praise, but sometimes keep these as a reminder of what has happened; Auschwitz and a Civil War Battlefield are examples.

They feel it is just to take things from those who have and give them to those who have not whether WE thing that is right or not, does not matter.

They feel that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one, even if those many didn’t work for it.

Just because YOU don’t celebrate a specific holiday or day of remembrance doesn’t mean others should be stopped from doing it. We call that Freedom!

Our country was built on the idea that you have a right to the pursuit of happiness. It does not guarantee happiness.

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