Planning For An Emergency

Every place where you live or work could have an emergency. It could be a hurricane, tornado, flooding, forest fire or yes even a lava flow. Are you prepared?

I might have between 3 to 14 hours if conditions chnage. Most people may have more time than that. You may not need to have a GO bag packed, but you should at least look at what might effect you or your neighborhood and make a list of things to take should you have to leave quickly. My Sister did that in Florida where Hurricanes are very common.

When I worked for a large computer company, we used to practice emercencies every year. What would be do if all our computers (we had hundreds) went down and the data center was destroyed. We had alternate locations identified. We had replacement systems around the U.S. we could get shipped to us. We even knew which applications to bring up first. In a large company in a place where perhaps the city is having issues we planned for that. The first application is Payroll! You need to keep your employees paid so they don’t have to worry about rent, etc. during an emergency. Happy employees will shine if they have little to worry about. If you can’t process their actual hours, you pay them the same as the last pay period. The majority of employees will receive the correct amounts and you can manually handle the one-offs. The next application was Accounts Receivable. You need money coming in. Then way later is Accounts Payable. Your vendors more than likely are far from you and not involved in your emergency. They can wait as you get systems back running.

So for me at home, I made a list. Top on the list was notifying certain people what is happening and where I will be. This may change based upon the type of emergency. On the short list was to empty the safe, make sure I have my wallet and all keys for the vehicles, etc. I have pets so since they can’t help themselves I would grab crates and bedding and meds. And do on.

If I have time and know that I may have to live elsewhere for a while, pillows, blankets and then the electric generaotrs which operate on either propane or gasolin. You never know which will be in short supply.

I would grab all the computers and laptops and get them in the truck. Monitors are not a primary concern because there may not be electricty but preserve the data. Most of my data is also backed up online, but in an emergency, restoring it from the cloud could take a long time even if Internet is available.

Every person has different needs and the situation dictates what you need to do and in what order. Will the emergency that is most like to occur take out Internet or Banks or whatever? You can plan for that with cash. Remember cash? :slight_smile:

So whether you expect a blizzard, train derailment, hurricane or whatever, it can be a simple thing to at least consider what you need to take with you or supply your house with to feel calm if an emergency strikes.