The End of March

It has been a pretty tumultuous month and I can only hope things get a bit better.

When the virus was detected in Chine I watched for a few days and started selling stocks. Things might have been betetr for me had I not tried to buy the dips and recover some lost money. Even so, I have been able to weather the ups and downs of the markt so far without losing too much. I expect those profits to come back, although not right away.

A month ago I got a cold and it lasted about a month. With the virus somewhat imitating this, I was looked at oddly when I started to cough. Mine was not a dry cough and started well before we started distancing ourselves out here.

We have all but stopped most flights into the state and most if not all cruise ship arrivals have been cancelled. All restaurants I have visited have closed the dining rooms and if they are still open, offer only take out service.

I had a County inspection scheduled this month based upon an EPA directive. The inspection was called off the day before it was scheduled.

I took the slow down period to get my farm back into shape. We have had some rain and the weeds grow viciously. It part of the good/bad things about Hawaii. Things you want to grow, do at a great rate, but so do the weeds.

I have my voice on a few business telephone recordings and manage many websites, so I have been changing them to let people know the businesses have reduced hours or suspended certain activities.

I am also on of the Directors of a local non-profit and we have been busy re-allocating resources and mnaging funds paid to performers based upon visitor restrictions to the island.

I have been staying home for the most part, but have had to venture out a few times to ship and recover some of my equipment lent out. I’m trying to do a better job documenting who has what and for how long. I tend to forget and lose things that way.

As I logged into Facebook today I found that my Cousin Charlie passed away. Having moved farm away I had only seen him once in a few decades. Luckily it was not all that long ago. One of the early memories I had of him was his being a lifeguard at a New Jersey Beach. A number of families had purchased a part of the beach and their dues paid for a lifeguard and beach clean up. It is not unusual for beaches in NJ to charge for access, the parking fees and beach passes helping pay for beach maintenance.

Also I remember reading that Charlie had bicycled from the beach partly across the state. I don’t remember the reason and will have to find the newspaper article.