You don’t need to be Hawaiian or even live in Hawaii to know that Hawaiians have a rich culture and much of it is based upon respect for the land and the people.

So people across the islands today are experiencing great sorrow and outrage because there was a man who has desecrated a Hawaii religious site.

Whether you personally believe that Madam Pele created the volcanoes or not, Hawaiians hold the volcanoes as sacred locations. In the news today it is reported that this guy urinated at the summit of Kilauea Volcano, which besides being disrespectful is also in violation of Federal Law. A photo was circulated online and in the news.

In November a resident urinated atop Mauna Kea and posted a video of it. He has taken the video down and apologized but not before a wave of outrage ensued.

To the Hawaiian people, these acts are more egregious than urinating in a church and I cannot fathom how people cannot grasp that.