The 50 Bump

The 50 Bump was Originally Posted on February 22, 2011 by

Local Hawaiian businesses are experiencing extra sales, after being featured on Hawaii-50.

Local news reports say that the shave ice stand on Oahu has experienced a 20% increase in sales, while the Kona Brewing Company has gotten an 80% increase in sales in last quarter.

The numbers may be a bit off, but that is as I remember them.

Of course you have to think that state tourism should also increase because of the show. Those intertwined video pieces ultimately show potential visitors the beauty of the islands. I can attest that most photos you see in Hawaiian calendars can be taken by the average tourist and I have taken many of the same shots myself.

Long ago it was thought that he original 50 series would make people think that there was tremendous crime in Hawaii, yet visitors streamed here with no such worries. I’m sure the same will be true today.